This website is all about seasonal home cooking and indulges my love of whisky in the pairing of the spirit with the food that you will create in your kitchen. Food. Whisky. Flavour. Perfect!

The Food & Whisky blogs are grouped around six collections of whisky a year, spirits chosen to complement the main culinary ingredients and tastes of the season. You can enjoy reading through what is on offer, or you can search for recipes using key ingredients e.g. chicken, fish, kale, peaches etc. You can also search for your favourite distillery, but why not follow my suggestions for each season and try a different dram? By grouping seasonal recipes and complementary whiskies I aim to encourage you to experiment - with your cooking and with your whisky purchases. If you buy one or two bottles from each collection you’ll have a fabulous whisky adventure throughout the year. And if you don’t like whisky, well, there will be lots of recipes that I know you will want to cook! Remember, I know much more about food than I do about whisky - at the moment!

As flavour is so important to me I am also concentrating on a different herb and spice in each season. It’s another satisfying way of exploring flavour and gastro-satisfaction.

I am also producing podcasts and videos: you can enjoy them here or subscribe to them on YouTube or iTunes.