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Glenfarclas 15yo single malt Scotch whisky

The appearance of this whisky shouts Tradition, Old School and Whisky Like It Has Always Been. It is unashamedly low key in everything about its presentation: a squat, dark brown dumpy bottle and a simple label: red and brown lettering on a cream background and a line drawing of the distillery. I could easily pass it by on the shelves when it is positioned in amongst more glamorous and eye-catching whiskies, most of which work harder to be noticed and grabbed by the adventurous, experimental drinker.

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Against the grain? The Snow Grouse & 1997 North British grain whiskies

Although I have a fine palette honed from years in the food writing world I am at the very beginning of applying it to whisky. I had imagined that there are blends, the ‘High Street’ whiskies, and then single malts of various pedigrees which all come from malted barley. What I have discovered very rapidly is that blends are not ‘just blends’ and that the unexpected and rapidly rising stars of the whisky world are not from malted barley at all, but from wheat or corn: grain whiskies have arrived.

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