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Whisky with Water - cruising through a whisky tasting.

You never quite get around to doing the touristy things in the place where you live, do you? When I suggested an evening cruise on the Chichester Canal for our September tasting - Whisky with Water - I was delighted that so many Chichester Whisky Women said that this was something that they really wanted to do!

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Dark and smokey - made for each other?

Whiskies are like aubergines - their fans are obsessive and their detractors miss out on a lot! Both are amazingly versatile, full of flavour and utterly surprising. With the aubergine season in full swing (i.e. the UK garden and glasshouse season) it’s time to share some favourite recipes and the whiskies that I love with each dish.

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Broad bean humus with whiskies to match

One of the great things about the Community Garden in our village is that it encourages us all not only to share produce but recipes too. New member Sally was saying that she and her housemate had made some humus from broad beans harvested at the Garden, so I thought I’d give it a go. I used quite large beans that needed cooking, but the resulting ‘bash’ was delicious.

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