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Fighting the Flab - Salmon Style

"I've always wondered, is it gravlax? Or gravadlax? Let's just call it dilled salmon. So much simpler - and so perfect to have on hand for summer evenings. This is one of those recipes where farmed salmon works unusually well. How come? Farmed salmon is, let's face it, a bit on the flabby side. Who can blame it? If you were wallowing about in a big cage at the mouth of a sea loch rather than fighting your way up the river above that sea loch (having fought your way across the ocean to get there), you'd be flabby too."

Sue Style, a delightful and much respected food writing colleague, and a journalist on the Financial Times Weekend, recently opened an article on with these words. I recommend her food, wine and travel website to you all. But here is The Thing, the reason for me picking up on this when Sue shared the article on Facebook.

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