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Glen Moray tasting - when whisky met wine casks and cheese

Glen Moray, one of my great un-sung hero distilleries of Speyside, has introduced a new range of general release and distillery special whiskies. I sampled them through a Twitter Tasting organised by Steve Rush at the Whisky Wire and my admiration for Graham and the team at Glen Moray has increased yet again.

Of the five whiskies in the tasting two were outstanding for me - a Cabernet cask finish on general worldwide release and a PX cask distillery special. All the oh’s and ah’s of my sensory pleasure are explained in the vlog and there’s also 5 minutes of cheese and whisky gastro-porn as I match the whiskies to glorious cheeses from my local deli, wine shop and whisky store Kirkness & Gorie. Check my blog to read more of my whisky and cheese matching experiences with them.

The cheeses featured here are Rachel, a mild farmhouse goat’s milk cheese washed in brine and with a sweet and nutty flavour, made in Somerset. Lincolnshire Poacher, in this case a mature Double Barrel expression, has long been a favourite of mine and is made near the coast in the Lincolnshire Wolds - not an area known for dairying - by a team headed by brothers Simon and Tim. Finally the whiskies were tasted with and matched to Strathdon Blue from the Highland Fine Cheese Company in Tain, Ross-shire, cheesemakers who impress me more and more. Made with 30% Ayrshire milk which gives a richer, fuller flavour to the cheese over some of their other blues, the Strathdon completed a line-up of cheeses worthy of the Glen Moray whiskies.

If you want to have a shot at whisky and cheese matching just get some cheeses - three, I suggest, would be the maximum - and try them with two or three whiskies from your collection. Remember to always take the cheese first and to hold it in your mouth before taking a sip of the whisky with it. That’s a Top Tip from years of leading tastings and keeps you neat and tidy, even when you might have to be talking with your mouth slightly full! As the ubiquitous saying goes - Enjoy!