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I’ve cooked my goose - in a pie!

In the winter months in Orkney you can buy a meat that is decidedly different - wild greylag goose. Only a few licensed game dealers are able to offer wild goose and it sells very quickly, so I picked up a packet of the filleted breasts in Shearers as soon as I saw them. William Shearer is an amazing shop and one that you will hear much more of as I settle into my new life here in the Northern Isles.

This weekend the goose was defrosted and minced - it was so vividly red with not a speck of fat. I cooked it into a slow, rich ragu for pasta in a very Italian style. There were leftovers for the next day, the inspiration for a goose pie with the other ingredients that were in the fridge. It was simply filo pastry, ragu, spinach and quark, with some olive oil, nutmeg and seasonings. I've written the recipe for a traditional Bolognese sauce so that everyone can make it - you will have to come up to Orkney if you want to make it with goose.

Goose Pie.JPG