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A bit of beremeal in my marmalade cake

I'd book-marked a marmalade cake by Diana Henry as a cake to make - a rare event as I usually make up my own recipes (it's how I earned my living before I 'retired'). Anyway, I did tweak it a bit, including adding a little beremeal to the flour to give it that Orkney touch. Now, I am not the world's greatest baker and am well aware that there are many Orcadians who bake beautifully, but this cake is delicious! Diana used soft brown sugar and wholemeal self-raising flour - I had neither of those. What really makes the flavour for me was using the juice of a left-over Seville instead of a sweet orange when she calls for the juice of half an orange. It's definitely a January/February marmalade-time cake from now on! The cake was cut while still warm after being glazed with a little more marmalade. Diana's recipe is here.

marmalade cake.jpg