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What Winter Whisky Women like best (#1) - Glenfarclas 15yo Highland single malt whisky

Spot the mistake: I know, as well as you do, that Glenfarclas is created by J&G Grant, not William Grant. #overexcited

This is the first time that I have revisited a whisky in a blog - and it has done me good to read my initial thoughts on this voluptuous and alluring dram after recording my new vlog. It seems that I have pretty much stuck to the same conclusions that I arrived at as a very raw whisky blogger a year ago!

This whisky is rich, full flavoured and enticing. It is soft, deep and satisfying. There is abundant fruit, from figs and oranges to vine fruits spiced from the sherry barrel maturation. There is a sweetness that is background yet integral to the whisky and not forced, not too much to overpower but enough to add elegance and depth of flavour. 

My initial review said that the Glenfarclas 15yo would be a great whisky for tapas and all things Spanish - and so it would, but maybe the 21yo is even better suited to Iberian small plates dining? For me - and for my Chichester Whisky Women - this is a whisky to savour in front of the fire in the winter. Of course, at other times of the year too, but the affinity with oranges (with Spanish fruits especially Navels being at their peak in the winter months) cannot be ignored.