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What Winter Whisky Women like best (#2) - Great King Street Glasgow Blend Scotch whisky from Compass Box

A complex yet easily accessible whisky named after a great city.

The Glasgow Blend is surprisingly sweet (which comes from the spirits matured in sherry casks) but on the nose smoke dominates. There are vine fruits almost supporting the smoke which seems to suggest a coal fire and not wood. Intriguing. The first sip is much more about smoke than the second - once the palette is acclimatised to the whisky it is much more fruity with the smoke seasoning the sweetness. I sometimes get top fruit - a hint of apples baked with cinnamon - but it is mostly about warmth: the comfort of a much needed liquid hug! With a drop or two of water - this is 43% abv - a deeply satisfying, stimulating whisky is revealed. The Glasgow Blend will enhance and season slow cooked red meat braises or casseroles; braised Savoy or hispi cabbage cooked with smoked bacon and lots of onions; winter stews of butter beans or chick peas cooked with lots of root veg and topped with strong Cheddar cheese. A comforting whisky for winter comfort cooking. There are hints of cloves, cinnamon and pepper and the elegance of traces of vanilla from the grain whisky in the blend.

I am left with an impression of romantic, if slightly retro, elegance. A bit like a 30’s screen idol, elegantly dressed and smouldering at you through the haze of a smoky cocktail lounge. For me - and for my Chichester Whisky Women - this is a winter whisky to savour and it was a massive hit accompanying a slow braise of ox cheek with baby root veg for a gang of girls who usually are not keen on smoke and peat. A very different drink from our other Winter Whisky Collection favourite, the Glenfarclas 15yo single malt, but this gritty blend completes a brilliant duo of whiskies for winter.