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Of fruit, smoke and voluptuousness - my essential whiskies for Autumn

Cobnuts - an early Autumn treat

Cobnuts - an early Autumn treat

A wardrobe of whiskies! Why not? And this, my first seasonal whisky collection, showcases my Essential Whiskies for Autumn 2015.

I have long been a champion of seasonal food and I know how my tastebuds and cravings are affected by the weather and the produce to hand to cook with. I don’t want to eat strawberries all the year round, I want pumpkins and squashes in the autumn, root vegetables in the winter and asparagus for 8 precious weeks in early summer. I want my ingredients as fully flavoured and ripe as possible - and my whiskies to complement the recipes that I cook.

An Autumn pear salad

An Autumn pear salad

So as I fill the suitcase with my linen blouses, retrieve my thicker jumpers, pick the last berries from the raspberry canes and the first pears for ripening indoors, I’ve also been thinking about which whiskies would best match my autumn cuisine. With two or three of my collection on your sideboard you’ll have some wonderful spirits to complement your cooking - and I’ll be sharing some recipes that match each of the whiskies as I introduce them in more detail over the next few weeks.


(Drumroll, fanfare, or a wheezing of the bagpipes……)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it now gives me great pleasure to present to you my Autumn Whisky collection for 2015.

This season, on the Catwalk of Consumption, are:

The elegant, stylish and richly complex Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt

The light and fruity Singleton SpeyCascade Single Malt

The essential base layer, the new slippers, the comfort zone that is The Famous Grouse

The perfect tailoring of the Port Charlotte Peat Project Islay Single Malt, where smoke meets seasoning and

The spice and flavour of autumn, captured in The Balvenie Caribbean Single Malt rum cask finish.

Perfect, essential whiskies for autumn.