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Scotch on the rocks - a tale for Hogmanay

Happy Hogmanay! Here's a whisky quiz for you. There are 52 whisky references - distilleries, drams and whisky words. Some are a slight stretching of Gaelic pronunciations, so please forgive me for that!  The answers will appear here in 2016. It may be easier to spot some of the references by listening to me read the tale so there is an audio version below. Have a good one!

The crowds were gathering in Great King Street for Hogmanay. They came from all over, from the Highlands, Islands and Lowlands to celebrate Whiskypedia and all things Scotch - and the New Year, of course. “Wemys been coming here for this for years” said Glen Grant, looking around for some of his friends. “Has anyone seen Toby Moray yet?” he called. “I’m not sure he’ll be coming Mate” came the reply. “They say he’s lost it a bit, his hens have gone cold on him and there are no eggs. They say you can hear him from Jura, yelling at them Lay Chick, Lay Chick!” “Ay, he’s a Classic Laddie that one, as at home in a still house as he is in a Highland Park!” said Ben Nevis. “Is Kilchoman?” “Yes, he’s already down there relighting the fire from the Kiln Embers!” “We’ll miss Toby and we’ll have to find another Spice King for the evening. We’re bound to find The One from the regulars.” “We need a pure Scotch, remember” came the reply.

“Let’s meet down by The Hive later” said Dal Whinnie, taking a crafty nip from a black bottle. He tried to cross the road but had to wait for a car doing a tun in the wet and causing all sorts of wash back. ‘You need a Navigator to get across here sometimes” he said. “Being in town gives me a Flaming Heart. I’d rather be at home by the Springbank, at the end of the Longrow up on the Aultmore by the Foggy Moss!” There were quite a few that agreed with that. Glen Dronach voiced the thoughts of many: “You wouldn’t need a vote in Parliament to get agreement to that - maybe we could get a Revival of a celebration out in the glens instead of here. I know they say Edinburgh rocks but it is a cocktail of confusion for us instead of an Artist’s Blend of barley, water and woods!” “Don’t forget the yeast” shouted Old Poulteney “and I’m not taking the mash out of you! You know we love you, worts and all!”

Another Glen, considered by many to be a far class above the others, had a new Arran jumper on and was talking to his friend Johnnie Walker. “Oban ‘ere” called Mortlach. “I thought I heard a knock!” Ben Riach, a singleton if ever there was from the Isle of Skye, a real smokehead, was keen to get down to Princes Street. ‘Has everyone got their tickets - you won’t get into the street party without them.” “Let’s scapa down there now. It’s a shame they closed the rosebank or we could have met up there!” “So long as we are all together with a dram in hand when the bells ring out for the fireworks at midnight!”

Wherever you’ll be and whatever you’ll be drinking - have a Happy Hogmanay!

And here are the answers.

Photos courtesy of Edinburgh's Hogmanay web site.