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Introducing the Auchentoshan Three Wood single malt whisky, one of my Autumn Essentials collection for 2015.

Mists and mellow fruitfulness translated into day to day living means mixed weather, cold nights and warmer jumpers, overcoats and Ugg boots! The Auchentoshan Three Wood reminds me of the finer tailoring of an Autumn wardrobe - it is elegant, complex, spiciliy warm with rich dried fruits on the palette: like a new coat that you have spent a lot of money on and which makes you feel great! The Auchentoshan has the same elegance and offers the same comfort.

Watch my review below.

All Lowland Whiskies used to be triple distilled, giving a characteristic smoothness to the regions malts. Auchentoshan carries on this tradition. The first stage of the Three Wood's maturation is in American Oak ex bourbons barrels, lending the vanilla and pepper notes to the whisky. It the ages further in European oak, first in olorosso casks whisch infuse the spirit with some spice and the flavour of raisins. The final character of the whisky is achieved from the wood of casks previously used for Pedro Xeminez, or PX, sherry. This, the sweetest, darkest and richest of all great sherry styles, adds the weight and depth of flavour, of figs and toasted nuts, that makes this whisky a perfect autumn dram.

When partridge is at it's best I love to cook it with a stuffing cum topping of haggis or black pudding, apples, figs and cob or hazelnuts. Cook the dish in a fruit gin, riojca or olorosso sherry and the Auchentoshan is a perfect accompaniment, absorbing and complementing each and every one of the rich and varied flavours of the dish.

Click on the picture to print or download this recipe. It works just as well with pheasant or guinea fowl. (Sorry the pic is a 'snap'!)


The Three Wood is perfect with charcuterie, either as canapés, starters or salads. I paired it with a cheese sablé with a spiced tomato and bacon topping at a tasting matching Whiskies to the art of Scottish Colourist J D Fergusson. It worked perfectly, bringing out the pepper in the whisky. It works just as well with this Italian pear salad with figs.


Rich puddings are made for this whisky and top of the lIst is my Fig and pecan tart - yes, it is perfect with figs, which seem to be cropping up all the time! Apples are great with the Auchentoshan, especially in these meringue nests with Greek yogurt and caramelised nuts. My Earl Grey and chocolate mousse has an edge from the bergamot and also matches well with the Three Wood.

This is also, of course, a perfect whisky for cheese and rich, mature cheeses in particular. My dream Auchentochan Three wood cheeseboard? A local pressed ewe's milk cheese - mine would be Duddleswell or Lord of the Hundreds - or try mature  Manchego: Cashel Blue or another creamy blue like a ripe Blacksticks: a creamy mould ripened goat's cheese - the ubiquitous Capricorn when ripe, or an artisan cheese like Golden Cross, and then something sweet and nutty with a tang like a wonderful farmhouse French Comte. Nuts and raisins or dates on the cheeseboard, or sweet satsumas.

Autumn whisky for Autumn foods - great tastes of a wonderful season.