Summer with a twist - strawberries and cucumbers

I am off to talk to a WI group in Selsey, a place more famed for its crabs and lobsters than the thousands of bags of salad leaves that leave a huge processing plant on the outskirts of the town each day for supermarkets up and down the country. The original settlement, known then as Manhood End after the peninsular on which the town is built, was immortalised by Kipling in his poem Eddi's Service. But that is more about Christmas than mid-summer.

Food talks without a little bit of action are never quite so captivating and so I leave the house armed with local strawberries and one of the biggest cucumbers I have seen! The strawberries will be cut and mixed with a sprinkle of sugar, the zest of a lime and a little chopped chilli, then left for about 10 minutes until the juices start to run. I'll then use the juice from the lime with some sliced cucumber, chopped chilli, coriander, chives and shallot, one or two chopped anchovy fillets (as I have no fish sauce)  and a little fruit vinegar - Purple Shiso from Stratta is best but today I shall use their lavender vinegar. Summer with a twist! Find more ideas for strawberries and cucumbers by clicking on the links.