The week my world goes Chilli!

The run up to West Dean’s annual Chilli Fiesta is always a particularly busy one for me: sourcing produce from fabulous local growers; thinking about what we are going to eat at home before and during the Fiesta and, of course, finding a few new recipes showcasing chillies each year. My recipes for the 20th fiery fiesta are here, and I am also sharing a couple of old favourites with you too. To print or download these recipes, click on the pictures below.

Cajun spice mixes are all about dried aromatic herbs and the heat of chilli powder and ground allspice, or Jamaican pepper. Allspice is not a true pepper so don’t think you can use black pepper and it will be the same - it won’t. Together this seasoning mix transforms salmon into an exotic fish, just the thing for these Cajun salmon wraps.


I’m thinking ahead to a Beef and coconut curry that can be cooking away for the end of a day at the Fiesta when I am sure I shall be in the mood for something spicy. Coconut and chilli match well in everything from curries to ice creams and this dish with sweet potatoes and beef will welcome me home - if I don’t stay at West Dean to dance the night away!