Did you hear the one about ….

Did you hear the one about the Irish girl and the English woman on a plane with a whiskey liqueur? Well Nichola who works for Muldoon, the makers of a richly toffee-d Irish whiskey based liqueur, was the girl sitting next to Nik’s Mum on a plane back to England and they fell into conversation. Being the mother of the restaurateur who hosts my Chichester’s Whisky Women club, conversation was soon flowing between the two of them and I ended up with a bottle of the liqueur!

Muldoon whiskey liqueur is intensely sweet and it is very satisfying over crushed ice, much as we drank Benedictine frappé years ago. When I started writing about whisk(e)y people thought I was going to be cooking with it, but that is not my intention. However, Muldoon is crying out to be used in desserts and baking and their website is full of recipes. Muldoon would be amazing in a Banoffi Pie - a brilliant Sussex recipe developed at The Hungry Monk at Jevington in East Sussex about 40 years ago - but my first recipe with it is a smooth and delicious yogurt meringue ice cream. Irish Coffee Ice Cream - it really is one to try. The yogurt base prevents it from being too sweet and I have used Camp coffee to give a depth of flavour - you can use really strong espresso if you prefer. Just click the picture for the recipe. At the moment it is easiest to order Muldoon directly from their website while they look for more UK retail outlets.