What to make now! - Mid August 2015

Crack on with the Christmas presents or just line up a few special things in your cupboard for yourself for later!  To print or download these recipes, click on the pictures below.


It’s wild plum time so look out for them if you are walking in the countryside. There is no better use for the fruit than a Wild plum gin. Sweeter and fuller flavoured than the more traditional sloe gin, it simply needs to be stirred every day for a week, left for a month then bottled and kept until Christmas. Of course you can use orchard plums too - it just costs more if you have to pay for them! Use the same recipe if you have a glut of red currants and make a Red currant vodka - it’s as good but different! I make it less sweet and use it as a “Come in from the cold” warm-up drink.


Turn your back on a courgette plant right now and you’ll be delighted - you can make the resulting glut into this pickle! It’s really easy and more than delicious. We’ve had a bumper crop of onions this year so it is an ideal recipe to make and store away in my larder. I usually use mild-ish jalapēno chillies for my Courgette and chilli pickle but this year I am trying out a locally grown Fresno in the jar - a great orange colour and a medium hot and fruity flavour. It is going to be good.


If you want something for more immediate pleasure why not use some blackcurrants from the freezer or pick the last of your redcurrants to make this Current fruit loaf - a teatime treat for after your preserving session. I do recommend storing it in the fridge because of the fruit - or bake it as muffins, freeze most of them and take one or two out to defrost when you need them!