National Ice Cream Day - that’s Everyday, isn’t it?

I’ve been working on this blog for National Ice Cream day - but seem to have missed the date! No worries as Everyday is Ice Cream Day to me! My Ice Cream Machine Cookbook has been my biggest seller by far and, despite being crammed with gorgeous recipes, I thought you might all like a few new and seasonal ideas to try?! Just click the pictures for the downloadable recipes.

Blackcurrants are plentiful right now but they are not the only part of the plant that you can eat - the fragrant leaves make a wonderful sorbet. Pick and use the leaves now, before they toughen and dry in the August sun (she writes hopefully).


Gooseberries are still abundant and will be for another few weeks. A natural partner for elderflowers I use the cordial to sweeten the berries and make a light, refreshing sherbet. This is a sorbet with cream and lighter than a true ice cream.


I’m getting ready for the twentieth Chilli Fiesta at West Dean Gardens - I have cooked at nearly all of them and tasted a weird selection of chilli ice creams over the years. This Coconut, white chocolate and chilli sherbet is the best that I have made to date - eclipsing, in my opinion, the mango and chilli ice in my book!


I can quite understand if it’s strawberry ice cream that makes your mouth water, but why not try a variation on the theme? This picture is my regular strawberry but you could try marinating the berries with the zest of a lime, a chopped chilli and a tablespoon of sugar for 20 minutes before continuing as per the recipe: it’s a taste sensation! That’s the lime and chilli version of strawberry behind the black currant leaf sorbet in the picture above.

I’m not going to suggest whiskies with these recipes but you can make a Hooligans Soup by adding the whisky of your choice to ice cream and sparkling water - it hits the spot on a warm evening in the garden!