Asian-style citrus turkey and bean salad

Serves 8 - 10

This is a great way of using up left-over Christmas poultry whilst making the most of the excellent Navel oranges and grapefruits that are in the shops right now. Frozen green or fine beans make this an affordable dish to make in quantity for Christmas or New Year parties.

  • Left-over cooked turkey or chicken, or 1 medium cooked chicken, about 1.5kg
  • 500g fine green beans, fresh or frozen
  • 2 grapefruit, or 1 x 540g can grapefruit segments in juice or syrup
  • 3 oranges
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 40g desiccated coconut
  • 1 tbsp groundnut oil or similar plus 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • Fish sauce to taste
  • Toasted cashews or peanuts, finely chopped, and parsley or coriander to garnish
  1. If you are cooking a bird to make this, remove the meat from the bones as soon as it is possible to handle it, chop and add to the citrus juices straight away for the best possible flavour.
  2. Prepare the fruits and vegetables. Boil the beans for 3-4 minutes or as directed, then drain and refresh them in cold water. Shake dry. Cut away the pith and inner skin from the oranges and grapefruit using a serrated knife - trim away all the visible white. Cut between the inner skins and remove the peeled fruit segments. Keep the segments on a plate and squeeze the juice from the remaining membranes into a bowl.
  3. Finely slice the onion and crush the garlic. Heat a small frying pan until hot, then add the coconut and toss it in the pan until it has browned, which will happen quite quickly and suddenly. Tip it onto a plate to cool. Add the groundnut oil to the pan with the onion and cook until softened and starting to brown. Add the garlic and cook briefly. Tip the contents of the frying pan into the citrus fruits, add fish sauce to taste then mix everything together and arrange on a platter.
  4. Finely chop the cashews and parsley or coriander together and scatter over the salad before serving.

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