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MoonBeams #14: The Bottle Bunker No.1 - Ardbeg

Duration : 18 minutes

It’s not every day that I meet meet a young man in a lock-up container to drink whisky at 10.00am! But this was one of those days!

Olly Langmead developed a taste and fascination for whisky on a birdwatching holiday on Islay. He was with his father and he was 12 years old! Amongst his aims for his collection is the wish to find a whisky that was distilled on the day that he was born - which he believes might just be possible if he can track down some Glengoyne Summer 1985 bottling, which was distilled on 27th May 1985. Does anyone have a bottle of this to sell, or know of any other whiskies distilled on this date?

It was great to be with an up-beat, knowledgeable young collector whose approach to whisky was very different from mine but just as respectful. We tasted the Ardbeg Perpetuum  - what a treat! 

Ollie referred to Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, a must-have for all whisky lovers!

The Islay Festival will be held from 20-28th May 2016.

Thanks Olly.