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MoonBeams #12: Age matters with Girvan Grain whiskies and Jill Norman

Duration: 26 minutes

Tasting with Jill Norman revealed that age matters with Girvan Grain whiskies. Two whisky loving food writers discovered amazing depths of flavour and complexity as we explored this elegant whisky from new make spirit to a 30yo taste sensation.

Along the way we also talked about terroir and innovation, citing Bruichladdich's experiment with barley grown in different Scottish locations and then used in the distillation of their whisky. This project won the Innovation Award in the Scotland Food & Drink Awards for Excellence, announced between the time that Jill and I recorded and published this podcast.


Girvan Patent Still No. 4 Apps is £43.95 from The Whisky Exchange


Girvan Patent Still 25 Year Old is £245.00 from The Whisky Exchange.


Girvan Patent Still 30 Year Old is £366.00 from The Whisky Exchange.