KitchenCan podcasts, featuring Rosemary with co-presenters Ruth Valerio and Ashley Thompson

KitchenCan#1 : Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Duration : 34 minutes

Our new podcast begins with an episode recorded during Farmhouse Breakfast Week which ran from 25th to 31st January 2015. This is the one about granola, chia seeds and even making your own salt!

 A veritable trio of kitchen know-how and talent.

A veritable trio of kitchen know-how and talent.

Find out more about Rosemary Moon, Ashley Thompson and Ruth Valerio, your presenters on KitchenCan.

Commercially produced West Sussex muesli and cereals from Imbhams Farm Granary, is available at selected farmers markets.

Infinity Foods started in Brighton in 1971. Any group can buy at wholesale prices if they order in sufficient quantities.

Doves Farm have been milling specialist grain products for decades and have an innovative selection of ingredients and products.

My granola recipe is here and there is a similar recipe to Ruth’s for a Bircher muesli in the Farmhouse Breakfast recipe leaflet which can be downloaded or ordered here.

Chia seeds are from a plant which is a member of the mint family. They are generally regarded as a superfood and are sold in many health food shops and supermarkets.

White tea is available from Dragonfly Teas.

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