Bite-Sized Videos

Here you will find Rosemary's short videos from her YouTube channel

Bite-Sized Video #6: Venison Ragout or Posh Pasta Sauce

DON’T BE PUT OFF BY THE INGREDIENTS LIST! Yes, there are lots of them but you can make a real difference to your own tried and tested Bolognese sauce just by cooking the mince in white wine, and adding the chocolate, raisins and toasted pine nuts at the end. But if you can get some venison, oxtail or even hare, you’ll find it amazing when cooked like this.

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Bite-Sized Video #4: Love Your Spring Greens

Leafy veg are a bonus in January when roots and cabbages dominate our home-grown veg choices. You can make this with a Savoy or January King cabbage, or with some of the leaves from one, but I think spring greens - loose leaved, non-heating cabbages - have the best and sweetest flavour. This is great with any poultry or game, white fish or salmon, sausages or thick slices of ham.

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Bite-Sized Video #2: Salmon Paté

Serves 4-6

This is my blue-print recipe: you can actually make the pâté with mackerel, trout or salmon, fresh or smoked or a mixture of both. In my YouTube video I made it with just cooked fresh salmon, celery instead of apple and grain mustard instead of horseradish. A recipe is just an inspiration (unless it is for baking or preserving which are a little more scientific) so you can make this your own: I have even added chopped strawberries and chilli to a salmon version and that was fabulous too.

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