About Me

Flavour - that’s what it is all about for me! 19 cookery books and hundreds (if not thousands) of recipes into my career (from 40 years of writing) I am convinced that food tastes better when it is cooked and consumed in a state of perfect ripeness or readiness - which has to be at its seasonal best. Now that I am also writing about whisky, my other great gastro-love, I know that there are seasonal drams to complement my ever-changing cooking. This is I want to share with you on this website.

It is great to go to a restaurant and have the chef’s suggested tipple with beautifully created dishes from The Pass. My real food and dining love is home cooking, and sharing my recipes through tastings, dems and writing. My food is all about easy recipes with twists and tips that will deliver really satisfying flavours: dishes that you will love to cook and which your friends and family will thank you for.

The whisky bit is where some people get stuck! Some - well, let’s face it, most - people don’t find that thought of whisky with food a natural pairing. Of course I have years of experience in the drinking of wine but at this point in my life it simply does not suit me as well as it has in the past. I enjoy wine at lunchtime but it is no longer my friend in the evening. Whisky delivers the depth of flavour that I seek to complement my style of cooking. I know it works - I run a whisky club in my home town and I get the very positive feedback.

If you love cooking I hope that you will devour my recipes: people have been enjoying them around the world for decades! I am known for ice creams, chilli recipes, high fibre cooking and contemporary family meals. I am a keen kitchen gardener and I use lots of veg. I live in the country so game features as well as lots of fish and meat.

If you love whisky, maybe I can tempt you into the kitchen and get you cooking? My recipes are not complicated and, whatever your culinary skills, they are a great way to start preparing dishes to go with your favourite drams.

Home cooking and whisky - the flavour of satisfaction!