Welcome to the world of a well established food writer who loves a good conversation over a whisky. 

rosemarymoon.com is about cooking with fresh produce, exploring the world of whisky and then putting the two together! I'm experimenting with podcasts on a growing variety of subjects, all linked to food and often to a relaxing dram as well. These can be listened to on your computer, or you can download them onto a smartphone or tablet and take me with you - either on your commute or to the garden, or maybe you will listen to me when out for a walk?

There are details here of dems, talks and tastings. Fabulous flavours dictate my creativity with super-fresh produce from my home county of West Sussex on the south coast of England. I spice up my cooking by ethically supporting growing communities at home and around the world who produce the delicious things that simply will not grow here. This is MoonBites.

MoonShine is my exploration of the world of whisky. Again it is all about flavour, that magic which links my devotion both to whisky and to food. With the amber nectar it is not just the flavour in the glass. Whisky is about the colours of life: the moment, the memories and the hopes and possibilities of what is to come.

The Lunar Life Blog includes my whisky articles mentioned above as well as getting to know my new electric Total Control Aga (it’s heather coloured: that’s important info for women!), community gardening and local food initiatives, fine teas, craft beers and seasonal recipes - all peppered with the occasional rant! To receive an email notification of new posts, please complete the form below:

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A good conversation gives plenty of food for thought. A conversation over shared food and drink is a very special occasion. Let's get the conversation - and the feasting - started.