Welcome to the world of a well established food writer with a passion for whisky. 

rosemarymoon.com is about cooking and eating seasonally, exploring the world of whisky and then putting the two together! Hopefully, as this website develops, you'll be able to read about my food and whisky adventures; listen to me chatting about them on podcasts and sometimes even watch me in action on short You Tube videos.

There are details here of dems, talks and tastings and it would be great to see you at some of them. I have started a Whisky Club for Women in Chichester and you can read about that, and other things related to women and whisky here.

The Lunar Life Blog includes my whisky reviews and articles about matching whiskies to seasonal recipes. It is also where you will find pieces about our community garden and other things that intrigue and fascinate me - all peppered with the occasional rant!

I am first and foremost a cookery writer and so please search through my recipes for inspiration - whether you like whisky or not!

If you want to listen or watch me in action, then click the links. I hope to add more to this section very soon.

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A good conversation gives plenty of food for thought. A conversation over shared food and drink is a very special occasion. Let's get the conversation - and the feasting - started.